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December 8, 2021

Phoenix Fires, based in Rosendale, are a family-run business with over 30 years of experience. With high-quality workmanship, they cater to all wood and fuel burner requirements. Despite their longevity as a business they decided it was time to step up a level and begin to offer finance packages to their customers. By doing so, they hoped to stand out from the crowd and cement their standing as a forward thinking business with quality and customer service at it's core.

Phoenix saw an immediate 41% boost in deals signed

By offering finance, Phoenix were able to change the 'maybe sometime in a few months' response, to a 'when can you get this installed?'. Most of the nice to have upgrades in home improvements can be put off by customers, however, by offering finance a business can turn a maybe to a yes, since we're now talking £100's, not £1000's for a bill.

Fireplaces have always been nice to have's, but since the pandemic changed our lives many of us have realized that it's time to upgrade our living environment - offering finance on fireplaces makes it much easier for our customers to get the upgrades they want

Using Kanda to increase order value

Pheonix Fires decided to offer finance to all their customers as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Not only did their existing customer base decide to go ahead with work fast but they also started to draw in new customers. On top of this, customers began to spend more and upgrade the make & model of fireplace because the bottom line difference to them - in their monthly repayments - was not overbearing. So not only did more customers place orders, those orders actually increased in value.

Win better work by offering finance

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