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Offer customers finance in 5 minutes
Offer 0% up to 24 months
Interest-bearing finance up to 5 years
Payouts within 72 hours
FCA registration fees covered
Success fee charged per quote
Full money-back guarantee if you’re not approved.
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Offer customers finance in 5 minutes
Offer 0% up to 24 months
Interest-bearing finance up to 5 years
Payouts within 72 hours
FCA registration fees covered
Success fee charged per quote
No setup fees or hidden fees. Cancel anytime.
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Success fee per quote

For successful finance applications fees are charged.Fees are based on term and interest rate. You choose which finance options customers have at checkout.
0% APR
10 months
7.5% fee
24 months
12.5% + £28 fee
9.9% APR
3-5 years
from 6% fee
11.9% APR
1-10 years
What trades can use Kanda?

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Build the quote, choose finance options, and send it out.

It’s so fast you can even do it while you’re on the go.
0% APR
10 months
1 year
2 years
5 years

Customers get the quote and can easily apply for finance online.

They can be pre-approved for finance in 5 minutes.
/ mo
10 months

When approved, you can begin the work. Afterwards, get paid right away.

No more chasing payments. Get paid on time, every time.
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Success stories

Here’s what people are saying

Integrating Kanda into our site was a breeze and led to 40% increase in conversion.
Bruce Hurton, Director of Shnugg review of Kanda finance
Bruce Huxton
I feel like I have a whole sales team working for me when I'm talking to my customers.
Phil Ryder, Director of Ryders Construction review of Kanda finance
Phil Ryder
Director, Ryders Construction
It's been easy to use since the first call, so happy to have the option of finance available.
aaron fox director of clearview leaving a review of Kanda finance
Aaron Fox
Director, Conservatory Roof Solutions Ltd
TrustScore 4.8 | 81 reviews

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up?
You can start offering financing through us within days after you’ve signed up. We’re committed to reviewing onboarding forms within 48 hours.
How quickly does my customer get approved?
It takes less than 30 seconds for your customer to be approved and they will need around 5 minutes to complete the application form. It really is finance in 5 minutes.
How does offering finance win me better work?
It makes your pricing more competitive and it gives customers the option to increase the total job value. So not only do you win the work on price but you also win a larger and better job because customers can choose the premium options.
When do I get paid?
You'll get paid within 48hours of your customer signing off on your job. As soon as you finish the work tell Kanda - via your portal - and we send your customer an online document to sign confirming the work is complete
What happens if my customer doesn't sign off the job?
Customer get 3 days to sign off on the work or tell Kanda if there is a problem, if they feel the work isn't complete then they would need to send Kanda evidence. We'd then work with the customer and yourself to resolve the issue. Disagreements happen - rarely - but when they do, we'll be on your side.
Are there fees for financing. And what’s the minimum quote value?
There are small success fees for financings depending on the type of finance taken out by your customer. You're in full control of what options you offer your customer.
What is the min turnover required? Can sole traders use this?
We have no minimum turnover requirements and sole traders can absolutely use Kanda. Great, right?
Do I need an FCA license?
No, you will become an introducer appointed representative or 'IAR' of Kanda. This means you can introduce customers to Kanda so they can obtain credit. Psst... we don't charge you any set up fees for this, unlike some people...
Can I take my own deposits?
If you're a limited company and pass our onboarding checks, then you'll get the option to set and take your own deposits. It has to be between 10%-50% of the total job value.
Who are you guys?
Kanda was started by an electrician from Worcestershire named Richard. He was frustrated to quote for work only to find out that customers didn’t have any way to pay. He didn’t just want more work — he wanted better work — and quality customers.

Who are Kanda? We’re English. We’re contractors. And we’re here to help you grow your business.
How does the sign up process work?
Click the apply now button to subscribe to Kanda, once you've done that you'll need to fill in a short onboarding form and complete an ID check. Afterwards, we review your details and get you set up within 48 hours. If for any reason we can't approve you - then we'll refund the subscription in full.
What can I offer finance on?
There is list further up this page of all the trades we finance. However, to be clear you can only use Kanda for domestic work (not commercial) and it has to be on both labour & goods, it can't just be one or the other.
What happens if my customer doesn't make their repayments?
The customer has a contract with the lender and if they fail to keep up with their repayments they may incur charges from the lender. However, we will never ask you to repay Kanda if the customer fails to make their monthly repayments. That's between them and the lender only.
Why do I have to pay to offer finance?
We charge a subsidy fee to cover the cost we're charged by the lender and also to insure the workmanship guarantee, meaning if you aren't around in the first year to cover the warranty then your customer has our insurance to fall back on. This is a requirement by the lender.
Since using Kanda I’ve literally had 20+ inquiries a day for work. It’s crazy, who knew offering finance was such a huge unlock for my business.
Calvin Winn
CCW Plumbing and Heating Ltd
Before Kanda it was taking me weeks to get paid by my customers, now I get paid directly by Kanda on time. It helps me manage the cashflow and build my business.
Rob Saxon
Saxon Plumbing & Heating Ltd

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