How businesses are growing with Kanda

See how British businesses are growing by offering finance with Kanda. From EV charger installers to Gas Engineers, Kanda is helping trades grow.

A tradesperson holding a sign showing they have won 30% more work

Clearview - Window To Finance

Pheonix Fires chooses Kanda to boost conversion and close more leads, faster.

Pheonix Fires - Fireplaces On Finance

Pheonix Fires chooses Kanda to boost conversion and close more leads, faster.

ChargepointEV - reducing payment times and scaling up

ChargepointEV reduced their payout times from 90 days to 3 days with Kanda, allowing them to grow by more than 40% a month.

Ryders Construction - earning £100,000 more with finance

Ryder's Construction managed to increase their average order value from £3000 to £5200 with Kanda, leading to an extra £100,000 in revenue.

Shnugg - offering boilers on finance

Shnugg used Kanda to increase their conversion rate and boost their job values by up to £1000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up?

You can start offering financing through us within days after you’ve signed up. We’re committed to reviewing onboarding forms within 24 hours.

How quickly does my customer get approved?

It takes less than 30 seconds for your customer to be approved and they will need around 5 minutes to complete the application form. It really is finance in 5 minutes.

What are your approval rates?

Over 92% of applications are approved with Kanda. That's 9/10 customers!

How does offering finance win me better work?

It makes your pricing more competitive and it gives customers the option to increase the total job value. So not only do you win the work on price but you also win a larger and better job because customers can choose the premium options.

What happens if my customer doesn't sign off the job?

If a customer was reluctant to sign off the work because they didn't feel the job was up to the standard promised then they would need to send Kanda evidence. We'd then work with the customer and you as a mediator to resolve the issue. Disagreements happen - rarely - but when they do, we'll be on your side.

How do I get set up?

Book a call with one of our team and then complete the short onboarding form. Once completed we'll ask you to submit a copy of your ID and then complete our background checks. It takes around 24 hours to onboard you.

Are there fees for financing. And what’s the minimum quote value?

There are small fees for financings depending on the type of finance taken out by your customer. Our people will talk you through the options.

Kanda will finance jobs between £500 to £10,000. Customers will need to pay a deposit between 10% and 50% of the total value.

Do I need an FCA license?

No, you will become an introducer appointed representative or 'IAR' of Kanda. This means you can introduce customers to Kanda so they can obtain credit. Psst... we don't charge you any set up fees for this, unlike some people...

Who are you guys?

Kanda was started by an electrician from Worcestershire named Richard. He was frustrated to quote for work only to find out that customers didn’t have any way to pay. He didn’t just want more work — he wanted better work — and quality customers.

Who are Kanda? We’re English. We’re contractors. And we’re here to help you grow your business.

Do I have to use the API?

Nope! Kanda's API is there for businesses who sell their services directly from their website. You can just use Kanda's web portal to offer finance.

What is the min turnover required? Can sole traders use this?

We have no minimum turnover requirements and sole traders can absolutely use Kanda. Great, right?

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