Clear View Double Glazing

Generated more leads with Kanda Finance

December 8, 2021

Clear View Double Glazing, based in Kent, wanted a way to speed up the time it took their customers to get work done after receiving an initial quote. For many, they would simply say 'we need to save up for 6 months', not what you want to hear after you spent half a day quoting your customers. So, they came to Kanda in order to give their customers an option to finance their work. It worked.

Clear View won £45K of work in one week

The first thing the Clear View team did was to go back to all of their previously quoted customers and tell them that they could now pay with 0% financing over 36 months. Within 1 week they had over £45,000 of business booked in and approved for finance. Suddenly, their customers no longer had a reason not to go ahead with the work, thanks to Kanda's monthly repayment options.

Double glazing a whole house can be expensive and often customers will ask for a quote so they know exactly what they need to save up for, now we offer Kanda Finance, our customers can make the decision to go ahead straight away.
Aaron Fox
Director, Clear View Double Glazing

Using Kanda Finance to generate leads

Clear View leveraged finance as a way to stand out from the crowd. By advertising that finance was available they turned all the 'window shoppers' (sorry), into customers enquiring for a quotation. This is one of the biggest powers of offering finance, you'll end up getting many more enquiries as an installer because customers aren't immediately deterred by the price.

This means you actually get the chance to explain and sell your services without the natural resistance of 'what's it going to cost'. Clear View do a great job of this on their website and continue to drive almost 30% more customer enquiries a month.

Won in 1 week
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