Chargepoint EV

Reduced payment cycles from 90 to 3 days

December 8, 2021

ChargepointEV is an electric vehicle charger installer and they came to Kanda wanting to increase their conversion rate of leads to jobs, whilst reducing their cashflow burdens created by the government grant.

ChargepointEV were able reduce their payment cycles from 90 days, to 3 days.

For ChargepointEV, they wanted a way to stand out in the market and offering pay monthly options to customers allowed them to do that. The grant scheme had put pressure on EV installers and Kanda gives them the option to reduce their cashflow problems by guaranteeing payments every 72 hours. Now the grant scheme has gone, there is even more reason to offer finance and stay competitive.

Thanks to their improved cashflow Chargepoint were able to scale up the amount of jobs they could do, completing an extra 40% more work a month since offering finance
Ian Willis
Owner, Chargepoint EV

Using Kanda's API to boost website conversion

It was really important to ChargepointEV that customers didn't drop out of the checkout flow so they asked Kanda to build them an API so they could offer finance options directly on their website. Kanda delivered and now customers can checkout with Kanda finance directly from their website - the process is instant for customers and ChargepointEV are notified in seconds of a customer being accepted for finance. Kanda is also flexible enough to allow ChargepointEV to offer finance options to customers when on the road by generating and sending an application directly from their portal in minutes.

Payout times
72 hours
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