Ryders Construction

Earned £100,000 more with Kanda Finance

December 8, 2021

Ryders Construction is a home improvement contractor and they came to Kanda wanting to increase their conversion rate of leads to jobs, whilst reducing their cashflow burdens caused by late payments.

Ryders were able to increase their average order value from £3000 to £5200.

For Phil & Chris Ryder, they wanted a way to encourage customers to go for more premium options because their profit margin was higher but also it allowed them to do their best work. For many building companies it is always better to work with customers who have higher budgets because the quality of the materials you can buy will only enhance your ability to give them a satisfactory finish.

Offering finance allowed us to upsell customers quite easily when you send a quote for £5000 it can be a shock, when you send a quote from £65/month it becomes a no brainer.
Phil Ryder
Ownder, Ryders Construction

Using Kanda's Portal to upsell customers

It was really important to Ryders Construction that they could offer finance options to customers quickly and easily. They didn't want to spend time having to learn how to use new complex software. Luckily for them Kanda was designed by tradespeople and so the core theme of the product is simplicity. The portal is flexible enough to allow Ryders Construction to offer finance options to customers when on the road by generating and sending an application directly from their portal in matter of seconds. It's literally financing in 5 minutes.

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