Shnugg - offering boilers on finance

September 25, 2021

Shnugg install boilers and to stand out in one of the most competitive sectors in construction they came to Kanda. We worked with them to keep their prices competitive and seamlessly allow them to offer finance from within their customer journey.

Shnugg were able to increase their average order value from £2100 to £3000.

Bruce wanted a way to encourage customers to go for all the extras and to make the decision to buy more implusive for the customer - by offering finance options on every quote they were able to convert 37% more of their leads.

The boiler market is incredibly competitive and the best way to stand out is to offer pay monthly options, it has also given customers the opportunity to upgrade to a more premium brand wich boosts our margins too
Bruce Hurton, Owner
Shnugg Ltd

Using Kanda to stay close customers

Shnugg knew that getting leads was only half of the story, turning them into jobs is actually what mattered. Advertising that finance was available was having an instant impact on the number of leads that they received. Having finance at the point of quoting is what dramatically increased their conversion rate. It's not all about online either, Shnugg will quote customers in person but always give an option for the customer to apply for financing. This well-rounded approach is what led to their conversion rate increasing by 37%

Boosting conversion from lead to job b 37%

When customers see a quote for £3000 they sometimes feel hesistant, when they see a quote for £78/m their mind is made up and thats how we've increased our conversion rate so dramatically.

Win better work by offering finance

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