Offering Finance —the easy way

Learn how you can offer finance options to customers - the easy and compliant way.

Here's what you can do

Advertise Finance

You can advertise finance but you should follow our advertising guidelines.

Tell Customers

It's okay to let customers know they might be able to pay with finance through Kanda.

Send An Application

You can always send your customers a link to apply for finance using your portal.

Here's what you can't do

Advise on finance

Don't give customers specific examples of how they pay on finance - just input your price and send them a link to apply.

Give Specific Rates

Never give customers specific repayment costs, Kanda will show them these before they apply.

Do the application

Under no circumstance should you complete the finance application with your customer either in person or via phone.

How To Offer Finance

A tradesperson drilling a screw into the ceiling

Introducing Finance

You should let customers know that they might be able to pay for your services on finance. Let them know they'll receive an email from Kanda with more information should they want finance.

Sending applications

To send your customer an application for finance you should click new application. Then input your price, a description of the goods and select the finance options you want to offer.

Tracking Applications

Once your customer applies you'll be notified by email and from within your portal. As soon as the status says awaiting fulfillment the job can be done.

Got a question? Just reach out to or via the chat box on this page.

Completing a job and getting paid

Upload Your Quote

Login to your portal and upload a copy of your quote for the job you've completed.

Send Sat Note

Click the send sat note button and Kanda will send a document to your customer to sign.

Get Paid in 3 days

After the document is signed and we've checked your quote, we'll pay you within 3 business days.

Win Better Work.

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